Music Gone Weird - Where it's Been and Where it's Going

Much like anything else that man is apt to create, music is subject to evolution. Music goes back a long way. It's very likely that the first time anyone would have conceived of anything like an abstract idea such as music would be when some early human primates noted something resembling rhythm while knocking stones together in order to produce tools and weapons. What an odd sensation that must have been for that early ancestor of ours. Music has come a long way since then, yet ironically, the more it has changed, the more it's stayed the same.

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As new technologies have developed, if there's one thing human beings have done with them, is they've learned how to make them produce sound. The twentieth century saw many developments, some which led to, while others specifically designed for, the burgeoning music market. In the twenty-first century, musicians and producers have a seemingly limitless array of instruments, gadgets and mechanisms made available to them in order to produce and synthesize music in ways which never would have been conceivable fifty years ago. In terms of the desegregation process music went through, beginning in the late 1980s and on into the 90s, some of it would have seemed just as unlikely a mere twenty years ago.

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In 2010, progressive modern music is often characterized by an advocacy for political and environmental awareness, intellectualism, all while being marked by its absence of classical pop romanticism and substituting a self-aware illusion of artificial romanticism in it's place. All of this comprises what modern music is today, along with a consuming desire by an artist to find an unfilled niche in an effort to sound completely unlike anything heard before. As such being the case, the message meant to be conveyed in written song lyrics, or deliberate 'de-harmonized' chords and arrangements, will often take precedent over music which would otherwise be appreciated merely for its popular appeal. Consequently, a lot of modern music will consciously choose to sound strange, abstract and in some cases, just plain weird.

This is the point of progressive modern music. It's designed to push through boundaries of that which is already established in the realms of our collective consciousness; progressing from that singular instance when some cavemen were clicking rocks together and accidentally invented music to the artists we now have today who remind us more and more that music isn't meant simply to remind us that we know how to create harmony and romance. Modern music shows us that music can be a powerful medium serving to remind us that there is always more to life than anything that's seen on any given surface.

So just as the universe is said to have begun as result of a 'big bang' that has progressively spread out in all directions over the course of some fourteen billion years, producing some truly weird spectacles (who ever saw the duck-billed platypus coming?) - so to has modern music expanded, pushing full ahead, and breaking through boundaries and preconceptions, producing some truly weird music. Even at the expense of popularity.

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